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Looking for a professional Wildlife control services for your residential home or commercial building in Five Points, Michigan?  We have an advanced animal control crew and wildlife trapping specialists.  We are a local business near Five Points, MI and regularly provide animal control and trapping services in the Five Points, Michigan area.

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Bat in the House? Noises in the attic?

We provide an array of services for residential and commercial properties through out Five Points, MI and surrounding areas. We operate a complete wildlife pest control company and specialize in removing nuisance animal from your Five Points homes or offices. If you have a bat in the house or critters in the attic we can help.

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If you are trying to decide who to hire in Five Points, MI or surrounding areas for nuisance wildlife control services this page may help you. We are a private for hire service and do not remove domestic animal such as cats or dogs. Please contact us for services we offer in Five Points, MI.


Wildlife Removal Services in Five Points, MI

Detailed Description of Our Wildlife Removal Services Below

Wild Animal Damage Control | Nuisance Wildlife Control Services

We are not only a trap critters and relocate them company, we provide complete wild animal solutions. We keep wild animals from returning to your Five Points, MI home or workplace. For example if you hear scratching in the attic, we will identify the critter, locate the animal entry point, set specific traps, or complete a live exclusion on the home. Once the animals are trapped or excluded its important to provide all the necessary repairs to keep the wildlife from returning. Some of these repairs include chimney capping, eave repair, gable vent covers, bathroom vent caps, and ridge vent repair.

Once the animals are removed and the openings are sealed its time to clean up the mess. Bats, birds, rats, raccoon and many other wildlife can cause significant damages to your Five Points, MI home or attic. Because of many health concerns with animal contamination it is very important to remove the droppings and damaged insulation from the attic. For example raccoon droppings can contain the eggs of ring worm which can be harmful to humans. Bat droppings and bird nest material contain many bacteria and fungi spores which can become airborne if not cleaned up. Attic framing must be sanitized, deodorized, and re-insulated up to the building code generally a minimum of R-49 value.

In Five Points, MI and all surrounding cities  we operate a full service wildlife control company. Wild animal removal, bird removal, reptile removal and prevention is our main expertise. We are not your average pest control company in Five Points, MI. We do not poison, exterminate, or kill trap nuisance wild animals. We are not insect specialists and do not provide services in that field. We will spray for bees, wasp, and yellow jackets however we do not carry commercial pesticides on our trucks. We are a poison free animal control company. We also DO NOT remove domestic animals from homes or yards in Five Points or any other South East, Michigan areas.

Here Are Some Wildlife Removal Services We Offer in Five Points, MI

Bats in the attic

Bat Removal Five Points, MI

In Five Points, MI we come encounter with many types of bat removal jobs. Bat control, bat extermination, bat pest control are our specialties in Fenton. We service many types of residential and commercial buildings. Residential homes ranging from ranches, colonial, bungalow, gable style, log cabins and many more. Some commercial properties we have got rid of bats in, are churches and commercial building with office spaces. We once had a doctors office call with bats living above the drop ceiling. The bats were entering right around a conduit pipe through the soffit.

If you are looking for a bat exterminator in the Five Points, MI area we urge you look for a humane bat removal and control professional. Bat Exterminator or Extermination is an old term used to get rid of bats. Bat removal experts are not your average pest control specialists. Bat removal companies are wildlife control operators who specialize in the field of bat control and prevention. There are no poisons, bat traps, electronic devices, or bat repellents that can solve your bat problem. In fact bats are protected and endangered species. Bats are very beneficial to our environment and it is illegal to kill bats. If you need a bat removal in Five Points, MI consider Michigan Wildlife Solutions to solve your bat problem.

Bird Control Services

Bird Control Five Points, MI

Birds in Five Points, MI can sometimes cause more damage than any nuisance wild animal. There nest are filled with bacteria and fungi. There are several diseases associated with bird nest material. Just like with bat guano you can contract histoplasmosis when inhaling the airborne spores of the nest. The birds we generally deal with that give problems to homeowners and industrial buildings are pigeons, chimney swifts, starlings, sparrows, swallows and wood peckers.

Bird removal is much like bat removal. Find the entry point and nesting area. Install a one way exclusion device. Cone shaped tubes work great, or bird netting is effective as well. Just like bat removal its always important to seal off any other potential entry points on the home. If you can get to the nest its very important to remove it. Sometimes this requires removing the whole soffit or remove the nest under the gable in the attic. If you need a bird removal in Five Points, MI consider Michigan Wildlife Solutions to solve your bird problem.

Mice Control Services

Mice Control Five Points, MI

Mice a great nuisance to homeowners, typically during the Fall and Winter months. They can cause great damage to your home and become a major health risk. Mice will usually only live for about a year, but may have 50 to 100 babies in that year. It is important to control the life cycle of mice and get the mice problem under control fast. The most common mouse infestation we deal with is mice in the attic or basement. Most mice weigh less than an ounce, but will large nesting numbers can sound louder than they appear.

The best way to control mice is to block them out. Mice control and exclusions is done, by prevention and trapping. Typical problem areas may require up to 50 traps in order to catch the existing nest. The home needs to be inspected from the foundation to the roof to look for all possible entry points 1/4" or large. Our mice control programs are always poison free, and the best method to resolve your mice infestation. If you need a mice removal in Five Points, MI consider Michigan Wildlife Solutions to solve your mice problem.

Raccoon Reoval Services

Raccoon Removal Five Points, MI

Raccoon removal is one of our main types of services. Raccoons are active all year long and create a great nuisance. Probably the most destructive animal out of any animal that we control. Raccoons are usually found in the attic or chimney. During late February and Early march raccoons start to have their babies. Litters are typically around four to eight pups. Sometimes litters can be removed with the use of Raccoon Eviction Fluid. Most raccoon removal jobs are done by traps and by hand.

For raccoons in a chimney we use a simple tool to extract the mother and remove the babies by hand. After they are removed, a chimney cap will prevent the return. If raccoons are in your attic, you may have a larger problem at your hands. They burrow down in the insulation and urinate and defecate all over the place. Raccoons carry the eggs or a roundworm and will also continue to come back year after unless you clean your attic out. The best method to remove the raccoons from your att

Squirrel Removal Michigan

Squirrel Control Five Points, MI

There are many types of squirrels in Michigan. Red squirrels, chipmunks, fox squirrels and flying squirrels are the most common types of squirrels in Michigan. Squirrels are nut eaters and feast on acorns, pine cones, bird seed, and walnuts. Most squirrels are active first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Flying squirrels are usually only seen and heard at night. The most common problem homeowners experience with squirrels is when they get into the attic. Squirrels in the attic can cause great damage. Damage to your insulation, chewing on wiring, and bringing in hazardous material in your attic are the most common problems with squirrels. They are also a nuisance, because they are very loud running through your attic and soffits.

The best method for squirrel control is by trapping and prevention. Installation of multi traps, repeater traps, and snap traps in the attic are great measures for control. Most squirrel removal jobs will require us to block of entry points with trim coil, vent guards, caulking, etc. If you need a squirrel removal in Five Points, MI consider Michigan Wildlife Solutions to solve your squirrel problem.