Wildlife Control Services | Livonia, MI

Bat Removal Expert Livonia, MI

Is it bats that are keeping you up at night? Do you have a bat in the house? We are bat removal specialist near Livonia, Michigan. Bats in the house or in the attic in Livonia are typically in newer larger homes. Bats like to fly high and will live in tight spaces. Your attic way up high is the perfect spot for bats to live in. Bat control services in Livonia are much like that of any other surrounding area. 

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Nuisance Animal Control Services

We are nuisance wildlife control operators and specialize in that service. We provide many animal control services and bird control services. We are not only wildlife animal trappers, we are exclusion specialists. We get rid of problem wildlife and keep them out. Many of our attic pest control services are roof repairs, one way controllers, and attic clean up services


We are available 7 days a week. We have wildlife removal specialist everyday. You can call us during our normal business hours and email us 24/7. Info@MichiganWildlifeSolutions.com


By Phone: MON-FRI 8am- 8pm, Sat & Sun 8am -5pm